The Artist

wp13c25ec0.jpg Born on 13 September 1966 in the Somme in the Picardie region (80) in France, Karaldo first put his artistic talent to use in culinary art, his creativity leading him to obtain the title of Best Apprentice Confectioner in France.


But for Karaldo, it was difficult, and even impossible within this speciality to let his imagination develop freely, and in particular to show his preferences… Indeed, Karaldo has always been fascinated by the male body, and it is only natural that in drawing he aims at reproducing this subtle mixture of sensuality and tonus, of strength and sensitivity, through either lustful or erotic, but never vulgar, poses. 


Female nudes are obviously easier to display.  They belong to the classics that society can look at without feeling uncomfortable, indeed quite the contrary … Alas, it is not the same for male nudes which are still looked at with a disdainful eye.


Karaldo is self-taught. He works mainly from a series of digital photos that he takes of his models.


He has tried out several techniques: oil, watercolours, sculpture, but his current preference is for dry pastels in which he excels on large formats.


His remarkable knowledge of the body, combined with the way in which he perfectly masters shadow and light, seem to bring the body he draws alive, making us almost want to touch these superb men, in order to feel the softness of their skin and the contours of their musculature.

Karaldo lives in CRIEL SUR MER, in Normandy